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Welcome to Singing Heart Jewelry Designs.  Having inherited my mother's love of creating art in its many forms, and also her love of nature, I am now living my dream. Although I'm a Florida girl, my studio and home are at the foot of the Kogelberg Mountains at the southernmost tip of Africa, set in a nature reserve. From here I can watch baboons on their frequent visits to my studio and home, and in the distance, I can see whales leap as they make their annual migratory trip around our rocky shoreline.


My jewelry inspiration and much of the material I use comes from nature and her many gifts - shells, river stones, bones, seeds, pearls and earthy and sparkly gemstones, which I source here in Africa and around the world.  Many of the beads, such as Ethiopian silver prayer beads and handcrafted African glass beads are handmade in remote villages using methods that have been employed for hundreds of years.  For an explanation of some of the beads, and how they're made, look at the jewelry ingredients page.


I feel that the stones and beads speak to me and tell me how to put them together. Spending the day in my studio, surrounded by glints of color, wire, sand-polished wood, shells and more, creating jewelry, is one of the most enjoyable things I do.

If you have your own ideas, or if you see a piece you like and it has been sold, contact me at, and I will make a piece especially for you.

Check back often. I am constantly creating and adding new pieces!

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